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Make Your Own Playing Cards

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Important Information:

*We do not print Copyright/ Licensed Images.

*For Poker Chips , the minimum order quantity is 50 Poker Chips.

* For Playing Cards
Please order the decks quantity as per the options available:
2 - 5 decks will require a minimum quantity of 2 Decks ordered
6-25 decks will require a minimum quantity of 6 decks ordered
50-99 decks will require a minimum quantity of 50 Decks ordered

Unleash Your Creativity: Make Your Own Playing Cards and Deal the Perfect Hand

Playing cards aren't just for poker nights or rainy afternoons. They're blank canvases waiting to be transformed into personalized expressions of your creativity, humor, and love. In the age of DIY and self-expression, making your own playing cards has become a fun and accessible way to create unique keepsakes, gifts, and even educational tools.

Why Create Your Own Deck?

The reasons are endless!

    • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd with decks unlike anything on store shelves.
    • Personalization: Express yourself through custom designs, photos, messages, or even inside jokes.
    • Gifts: Create cherished and memorable gifts for family, friends, or special occasions.
    • Educational tools: Design decks for learning languages, memorizing facts, or teaching history.
    • Party favors: Add a personalized touch to game nights, birthdays, or themed gatherings.
    • Business branding: Promote your brand with custom-designed decks featuring your logo and message.

Getting Started: What You Need

    • Design software: Free options like Canva or GIMP work well, or try professional tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
    • Templates: Many websites offer free playing card templates to simplify the design process.
    • Images and fonts: Choose high-resolution images and fonts that complement your design theme.
    • Printing service: Opt for online printing companies specializing in custom playing cards, ensuring high-quality printing and durable materials.

Design Inspiration: A Deck of Possibilities

    • Theme it up: Design decks around movies, hobbies, holidays, or your favorite artist.
    • Family fun: Include family photos, inside jokes, or personalized messages for each card.
    • Educational adventures: Create decks for learning languages, memorizing historical figures, or teaching scientific concepts.
    • Artistic expression: Showcase your artwork, photography, or graphic design skills.
    • Celebrate love: Design a deck for weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day with romantic themes and personalized messages.

Beyond the Design: Finishing Touches

    • Relevant Custom Poker Chips: personalize your decks with custom-printed poker chips
    • Custom rules: Make up your own games and rules to play with your unique deck.

Ready to Deal?

Making your own playing cards is a journey of creativity and fun. So, unleash your inner card designer, explore your passions, and deal the perfect hand of personalized expression!

Bonus tips:

    • Start with a simple design for your first deck.
    • Get feedback from friends and family on your design ideas.
    • Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun!
    • Share your creations online and inspire others to make their own decks.

Remember, the most important ingredient is your unique personality and creativity. So, shuffle the deck of possibilities and get ready to design a masterpiece!

Quality Craftsmanship for Durable Playing Cards

Our poker-sized playing cards are meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Made with precision and attention to detail, these cards feature:

  • Easy Shuffle, Smooth Card Stock: Each deck is engineered for a seamless shuffle, ensuring that your gameplay flows effortlessly.

  • Poker Size Dimensions: Measuring at a standard 2.5" x 3.5", our playing cards meet professional poker size standards.

  • Complete Set: Each deck contains 52 playing cards, including 2 Jokers, offering endless possibilities for games and customization.

  • Elegance in Packaging: Your customized playing cards come nestled within a sophisticated, custom Cardpress cardboard box, adding an element of prestige to your gaming collection.


We understand the significance of precision when it comes to customization. To ensure your designs shine to their fullest potential, please note that the customizable area for this product measures 2.47" x 3.47". For optimal results, we recommend adding a 1/8" bleed to your designs to achieve the highest quality print. Our commitment to detail ensures that your designs look exceptional, from concept to reality.

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